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you don’t have to love your body

Just some thoughts I’ve had on the whole ‘loving your body’ thing.

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Which one of fundamental interactions is your relationship like?

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Wtf, nature? — Mating


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3 silly comics


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Friendzone fellas

As idiotic as a friendzone concept might be, here’s a comic about that and more

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my relationships with friends’ relationships

i know it sounds hella egoistic (which i probably am), but keep in mind that i’m a bit exaggerating there (at least i hope so), so don’t hate me!

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Valentine’s day then and now

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conquered with love


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harry potter and our love life


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people like me when i’m dumb

        anyways, sorry for not posting for a while. i was in georgia, yay! i’ll post some comics from georgia when i finish them, ok? meanwhile have fun observing comics made before the trip!

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