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what i feel like doing every spring

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crazy dog lady (3)

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what i like to do

yes, more comics about ME!!! yes, this is how i spend my time. any better ideas?

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crazy dog lady (2)

and it’s Agne’s birthday today! hooray!

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tell me what you think!

dear friends, IS THERE SOMEONE OR SOMETHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN A COMIC? _______________________________________ i still have some autobiographical comics to upload, but i’m getting pretty bored with them. maybe YOU would like to share your thoughts of … Continue reading

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how to bore your friends talking about your health

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i’m both embarrased and proud

true story! ok, now let’s look at the evil spiderman again! looook, he’s emerging from da vinci picture! cooool!

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what the fuck, nature? (1)

and this weirdo does exist! (link , another link ) wtf?

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we could make fun of goth people, but that’s just too easy

besides, i’ve started to like  hipsters!

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