GUEST COMICS by Shaltmira!

More wonderful comics of Shaltmira can be found HERE and HERE

This one – she said – was inspired by my previous comic. which makes me happy:))

i love this one! although i’ve never lived with a boyfriend, i’ve only experienced the second case

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6 Responses to GUEST COMICS by Shaltmira!

  1. r says:

    :DDDDD labai faini komiksai:))

  2. Joooo, antras tobulas!!

    Migle su šventėm! :) Mes vis dar turim susitikt kada nors, ane?

  3. komiksas apie tvarkymąsi labai patiko ;)

  4. jonaepron says:

    Skyrim? :D
    Būtų su boyfriend faina gyvent taip kaip on the second case

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